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2019 . all the results and news.

Well folks what a fantastic race day we had at the one loft first of all congratulatons to our 2019 winner MYLIEJO i spotted this bird coming from about amile away let me tell there was nothing going beat that little brave soldier all on its own clear winner gave me a lump in my throat and my hairs stand on end and a big thank you to the guests who was at the one loft what a great atmosphere not one bad vibe anywhere and proper sportsmen/women and evey pigeon that returned was greeted like it was there own and every name shouted out was cheered it was all respect to our little featherd freind been sick of all the bitterness negativity back stabbing politics just latley in our hoby/sport but after saturday was proud to be apart of it thank you but my loverly moment of the day was to a man and his family who served us all day nothing was any bother to him and his family, and has the day was drawing down and the crowd was dringling down a bird came eveyone looking see whos it was then popped up
GRANDADS CHAMPIONS the cheers this bird got was unbeliveable and the joy on this mans face i will never forget so WELL DONE to MO & his FAMILY you got one and in the prizes

Sunday 8th September 2019 Final result with pools + Ace Pigeon Click > > > Here

Saturday 7th September 2019 FINAL race from Carentan liberated at Liberation at 0940 hrs into a NW wind

Final Entry pools list for the Final Click > > > Here

Friday 16th August 2019 – Marked list for the 2nd Hot Spot race from Wincanton available >>> Click >>>Here

Sunday 18th August 2019 – Second Hot Spot race from Wincanton liberated 0940 hrs…. full result + Ace Pigeon to date Click > > > Here

today 20/08/2019 we ran the birds over the pads today to generate a loft list


Saturday 24th August 2019 – Third Hot Spot race from Portland liberated…. full result + Ace Pigeon to date Click > > > Here